BMW posters

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Reparatur Anleitung R51/2 (German)

. Click here to view and download PDF file     Contributed by Matthias and Erich Lemmerer . . . . . . . .

Motorcycle Service and Restorations Manuals

We offer the restorations manuals from Barrington Motor Works for following models (click the link): R26 – R27 R51/3 – R68  R50 – R69S   A copy of the original BMW Repair Manual R50, R60 and R69S can be downloaded here: Download            

Cylinder heads R50 – R69S: butterheads and LK heads

Very informatieve article by Duane Ausherman on “butterheads” and LK heads:

Repair manual R50, R60, R69S (DE, EN, FR, ES)

A printed copy can be ordered here: Free download here: Page 1-43          Technical data Page 44-59        Removal of power train Page 60-89        Engine  Page 90-101      Transmission Page 102-109     Final drive Page 110-123     Wheels, brakes and forks Page 124-149     Electrical equipment Page 150-157     Sidecar mounting Page 158-160    Wiring diagram    

Workshop manual R51/3 – R67/2

Click here to view and download PDF file:


Overview of carburetor nr’s and settings  

R26, R50, R60, R69 – valve guides

No. 12/59 (166) November 19th, 1959

R26 – gasket on rear wheel drive

No. 2/56 (94) May 11th, 1956

R50S, R69S – hydraulic steering damper

No. 1/61 (179) July 27th, 1961