Seal material property comparison

A “strenght & weakness” overview of the different seal materials available in the market.

Spark Plugs

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List of fasteners R50 – R69S

A comprehensive list of bolts, nuts and washers for the R50 – R69S models Click image for list :                          

BMW motorcycles in the Netherlands

The information below comes from the Dutch RDW database (= Dept. of Motor Vehicles) In the Netherlands, there are at least 164 registered BMW motorcycles from the (pre-)war era and at least 3,225 registered BMW motorcycles from the 1948 – 1969 era – 3.225 motorcycles makes +- 1.2% of all R24 – R69US motorcycles built by BMW – of these 3,225 motorcycles,  almost half (48%) are /2 models (R50 – R69US) – 36% of these motorcycles is 25 years or more with the current owner, longest period is 58 years (situation 2019) – about 10 of these motorcycles have only
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Some statistics based on last 5 years (2013 – 2018)      

Rim width

The width of rims can be measured in 2 different ways: the inside or the outside. This means that one and the same rim can be indicated both in (for example) 2.15 “and 3.08″ WM2: inside 1.85″ (47 mm) outside 2.72″ (69 mm) WM3: inside 2.15″ (55 mm) outside 3.08” (78.2 mm)      

Valves types and related components

Overview of the different valve types and related components, used in the BMW 1 and 2-cylinder motorcycles 1948 – 1969

ISO Metric screw thread

Overview of ISO metric screw threads M3 – M30. Commonly used screw threads on 1948 – 1969 BMW models are M6x1 coarse, M8x1.25 coarse and M8x1.0 fine.   The length of bolts and screws is measured like this:                


Overview of carburetor nr’s and settings