Different exhaust pipes are available in the market, unfortunately not always an exact replica of the original pipes:

  • the shape of the bends does not correspond with the original BMW exhaust pipes as can be seen on this picture. The 2 lower exhaust pipes are identical to the original pipes.


  • Next to that, these pipes follow a slightly different path than the original exhaust pipes. This causes a problem for the R67 – R67/3 models: in the horizontal section, they’re not running close enough to the frame, causing too little clearance between the brake pedal and the right-hand exhaust pipe, as can be seen on the left picture.
  • Also for the R50, R50/2  and R60, R60/2 models 1 set is sometimes offered for both models. Since the 600 cc cylinder heads are slightly further apart than the 500 cc cylinder heads, these exhaust pipes do not fit perfectly on both models.

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