3 types of throttle assembly/switch combinations were used on the R27 models

1. From nr. 372001

Turn signal switch & headlight flasher with PN61318048152 and switch mount with PN32722072175









2. From nr. 379795

Dip switch (abblendschalter) with PN61318048182 and switch mount with PN32722072180













3. From nr. 385265

Turn signal switch with PN61318048183 (horn contact) and switch mount with PN32721230878 (old PN32722072181) (sloping)















Other parts for a complete 6V turn signal system:

  • PN61128066104 – cable from switch to headlamp¬†(std. length) or PN61128066104 (+8 cm for high handlebar)
  • PN61318070199 – Rubber grommet in headlamp – for cable from switch to headlamp and cable to blinkers (2x)
  • PN61318048141 – Relay for blinker
  • PN63138054159 – Blinker (2x)
  • PN07119978302 – Light bulb 6V 18W (2x)
  • PN61128066012 – Cable from headlamp to blinkers (2x)








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