We are regularly asked for a list of tools that are needed for a complete overhaul of the gearbox.

Below an overview of the special Matra tools and some of the standard tools that are required / recommended for a succesful gearbox rebuild:


Most important “tool” is a good manual:



NB0017 – Gearbox holder for vise









M494/2 – socket wrench M14 for nut on output shaft (R50, R60)

M494/2/1 – socket wrench M16 for nut on output shaft (R50/2 – R69S)








M501 – puller for flange on output shaft








Spindlebar – for Matra 501 puller








NB0008 – Kickstarter tool (to hold the kickstarter segment in place while removing the gearbox cover)








M233a – Push-off tool for gearbox cover









NB0016 – Snap ring tool (gearbox input shaft)








M504 – Setting tool for gearbox output shaft (to hold the output shaft in place, while aligning the shifter forks)








233600 – Adjusting tool for neutral switch








Other tools & products (some of them optional)

  • set of metric wrenches (SW10, SW12, SW13……), deadblow hammer, (impact) screw driver set, etc. etc
  • MAPP torch
  • gasket scraper
  • caliper
  • external micrometer (to measure shaft diameters and bronze bushing diameters)
  • depth micrometer & set of precision steel parallels, matched ( for shimming the input, intermediate and output shafts)
  • internal micrometer (to measure the bearing seats)
  • workshop press with a range of press tools
  • Stud remover
  • brake cleaner / degreaser
  • Loctite
  • chemical resistant & heat resistant gloves
  • safety glasses


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