The front main crankshaft bearing is enclosed in the bearing bushing (P/N 11 11 0 002 156) by the front main bearing flange cover (P/N 11 11 0 002 176) and a spacer ring (P/N 11 21 0 016 244), to prevent axial movement of the crankshaft.

If you notice that the 6207 bearing still has some movement in the bushing, it is usually caused by a worn main bearing flange: the edge of the flange has bent back over the years and therefore no longer has enough height (+- 4 mm) to enclose the bearing.

With the correct pressing tool, the edge of the flange can be pressed back to the correct height.

Although a less correct solution, the clearance can also be compensated with an additional shim. It must be placed between the bearing and the flange cover so as not to change the position of the crankshaft in relation to the crankcase.

Dimensions listed are approximate. Most dimensions deviate in reality by a few hundredths of a mm.


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