For the correct set, check the number marked in the crankcase.

The number is found near the upper engine mount, see following examples:

In some cases, when the engine has had a long service life, it may need a different gear set number to get the required 0.02 mm clearance.

However, this can only be determined through an accurate measurement.


The 30° gear set can be used to replace the 20° gear set on all 1950 to 1963 models.

This requires following additional parts:

› part nr. 11410052156 – oilpump gear 30°

Only for crankshaft with 17 mm taper:

› part nr. 11310016400 – 1.5 mm shim between crankshaft gear and crankshaft bearing


Shim for crankshaft gear 30°

It’s generally recommended to exchange the early 1 or 2 pin breather plates with the later model breather plate, since the pins are known for loosening or breaking off.

› part nr. 11150031171 – timed breather plate with cast in large pins

› part nr. 11310031707 – wave ring for timed breather plate

› part nr. 23211231658 – shim 1.00 mm


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